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I am available for both writer workshops and author talks.

Note: All author presentations can be adapted to virtual talks on Zoom or Google Classroom.
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Speech topics include:

- My road to publication

- How my childhood love of reading and career as a librarian helped me transition to  being a writer

- The backstory to my books.

-Jen's personal journey to eating disorder recovery.

- What it's like writing about "difficult" topics, especially ones with a personal connection.

- My writing process.

I also love doing Q&As!


Workshops include exercises and discussions about:

- How writing is more than simply a "good idea." 

- The importance of revision.

-What it's like to research and fact-check a non-fiction book.

- What it takes to build good main and supporting characters.

- How life affects writing.

- What's unique about writing a novel in letters or journal entries. 

I provide my own letter and journal-writing exercises, along with other writing prompts!

I am also available to lead more focused workshops or presentations on eating disorders, where I can talk about my own journey to recovery, body image, society, peer pressure, and more. I would love partner with health teachers, as well!

One of my favorite experiences as a kid was assemblies and talks by visiting authors and I'm so thrilled to be able to pass on that experience.



1 hour presentation/workshop: $150

2 presentations/half day: $250

4 presentations/full day: $500

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