You Are Enough:

This nonfiction self-help book for young readers with disordered eating and body image problems delivers real talk about eating disorders and body image, tools and information for recovery, and suggestions for dealing with the media messages that contribute so much to disordered eating.

You Are Enough answers questions like:
• What are eating disorders?
• What types of treatment are available for eating disorders?
• What is anxiety?
• How can you relax?
• What is cognitive reframing?
• Why are measurements like BMI flawed and arbitrary?
• What is imposter syndrome?
• How do our role models affect us?
. . . just to name a few.

Many eating disorder books are written in a way that leaves many people out of the eating disorder conversation, and this book is written with a special eye to inclusivity.

"This excellent guide to eating disorders and recovery is a must-purchase for library shelves. Written from Jen's experience and a TON of research, YOU ARE ENOUGH remains relatable and approachable in its language and inclusivity."


---Abby Johnson, Collection Development Leader at The Floyd County Library,

"This I have never read a book like this for the YA/MG market and the need for it is so, so great...This is a truly expansive and urgent YA/MG nonfiction book."


--Angie Manfredi, Youth Services Consultant, State Library of Iowa